Topps Project 2020 Derek Jeter #29 by King Saladeen - AP Installment sale

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This Jeter by Saladeen AP card has been sold for $3200 under the following terms:

 - $650 upfront.

 - $900 payment on August 31st.

 - $1650 balance due on January 16th.

 - Installments have been made by the buyer at his discretion, and the balance will have been paid in full once the $1650 payment on Jauary 16, 2022 has been received.

 - Once balance has been received in full, Wheeler Collection will ship the card to buyer within 1 business day via USPS insured mail.


About PROJECT 2020

20 Iconic baseball cards.  20 culture-defining artists.  PROJECT 2020 by Topps visually reimagines the baseball cards that have defined generations, ushering in a new era of seminal artwork.  The year-long program features premium, thick trading cards encased in a one-touch magnetic case.  


Orginal Card

1993 Topps Baseball #98


About the Artist

King Saladeen is a world-renowned contemporary artist from West Philadelphia whose works are exhibited all over the world. King Saladeen is revered for creating the “Money Bear” which pays homage to his childhood friend JP, who he tragically lost in 2013. 

Instagram: @kingsaladeen

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