Topps Project 70 Morning Breath Complete 20-Card Artist Set (Pre-Sale)

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This is a presale item!  I will receive this complete 20-card set from Topps in approximately 4-6 weeks after the last card is live.

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This item includes ALL 20 cards from the artist Morning Breath PLUS the artist print Topps is giving out to those that complete the 20-card artist sets direct from them!
About Topps Project 70

Founded in 1938 as a chewing gum company, Topps released their first baseball card set in 1951. Now seven decades later, artists and creatives around the globe are revisiting and reimagining 70 years of iconic baseball card designs, each selecting their own MLB players and Topps designs to craft a unique story.


1. Mariano Rivera

2. Willie Mays 

3. Aaron Judge

4. Juan Soto

5. Ichiro 

6. Fernado Tatis Jr. 

7. Rickey Henderson 

8. Derek Jeter 

9. Cody Belling

10. Mookie Betts

11. Mike Piazza

12. Shohei Ohtani

13. Ken Griffey Jr.

14. Brandon Crawford

15. Mike Trout

16. Jackie Robinson

17. Ronald Acuna Jr.

18. Bryce Harper

19. Cal Ripken Jr.

20. Jacob deGrom

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