Topps Project 2020 Mike Trout #302 by Oldmanalan (PRE-SALE)

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About PROJECT 2020

20 iconic baseball cards. 20 culture-defining artists. PROJECT 2020 by Topps visually reimagines the baseball cards that have defined generations, ushering in a new era of seminal artwork. The year-long program features premium, thick trading cards encased in a protective plastic case.

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2011 Topps Updates

About the Artist

Behind-the-scenes tastemaker and incognito arbiter of taste, Oldmanalan has been stealthily propelling streetwear for the past several years. His keen eye for aesthetics and curation has been a long-standing source of captivating content and positioned him as a frontrunner in the streetwear space of social media. Instagram: @oldmanalan

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